Week 3: Inside Information

After about 3 weeks working for the campaign, I feel like I’m fully in the swing of things. Although I am adjusted, I would not say that I am not surprised by the things that come up throughout the campaign. This week in particular was very excited. The first piece of excitement came in the form of a fundraiser and the second a vigil.

The fundraiser was a huge success, but required a good bit of preparation. The fundraiser was on a Thursday, so for the first half of the week we were busy making phone calls to potential donors. The week prior to that we sent out about 500 letters inviting people to attend. When it was all said and done, there were not 500 people there but we were very pleased with the turn out.

If Neil is elected he will be the first Indian American elected to office in PA history. This includes Governor, Senator, and State Legislature. Because of this, Neil has a lot of support among other Indian Americans as well as people that are excited about this change. The fundraiser was quite a fun experience. Basically, we were able to mingle with people and enjoy the catered Indian food that was provided. Events like this are excellent opportunities to practice networking and they are a relatively safe environment to do so.

The second event of the week occurred on Friday. Following the tragedy in Orlando, Neil thought it would be important for the community to hold a vigil to recognize the people that died so him and some others got together to host the event. On Friday morning, we open up the daily paper at the office to see a write-up declaring that the permission to hold the vigil had been rescinded by the commissioners because of a tradition for not allowing political events to take place in a public park.

After quite a bit of drama, including a trip to the court house and a call from Buzzfeed, we decided to go on with the event without permissions. There were jokes of arrests, but at the end of the day we had the vigil and it went smoothly. Some local artists preformed, Neil read off the names of the victims, and we were all able to appreciate out right to freedom of speech and do something for the community following the previous week’s violence.

All in all, this week was nothing but excitement. With everything going on I find myself extremely worn out. Campaigns can be unpredictable and very demanding but at least I am able to sleep well at night. 1


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