Week 4: A Short Rest

While in between fundraisers and events, the office is a little bit slow. Although we constantly have a list of things to do, we are not scrambling to get anything done at the moment. In the meantime, we are scheduling for upcoming events, making calls, doing different types of research, and helping Neil canvass and attend minor meetings.

Although I definitely get tired of making calls, the little outings keep me excited about things. Yesterday, I was able to drive Neil to Allentown for a meeting with the Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA) about his endorsement. I was able to sit in on the meeting and hear about the big issues for them right now as well as what they are concerned about for Neil’s candidacy. It is so interesting to get a look into what the candidates really have to do and the conversations that go on about the the big issues in the state.

Speaking of the big issues, today Neil had a meeting at a local skilled nursing facility that I was able to attend. We were able to get a tour from someone that works there and hear about the issues that those with mental disabilities and the elderly are facing. Just like many other things in this state, they are underfunded. The idea of the facility is more for temporary care of those that are hurt and need to have care and physical therapy before returning home. More and more, they are finding much more long-term care residents. Because there is nothing else available, this facility becomes a lot of people’s only option.

At the end of the day, this is why I care about politics. Hearing from educators and people in skilled nursing is really an eye opener to why politics are important. Public policy is what can change their lives for the better. The funding they are lacking and the changes that they need come often comes from the state level. The reason I am working long hours for free is because I really believe that it is important to get the right people elected. If Neil is elected, just maybe Carbon County and the state of Pennsylvania can see positive changes to policy and funding in the areas that count the most. 9


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