Week 6: The Gathering of the Clouds

One might think that the 4th of July would be the prime time for a candidate to talk to people before firework shows, at festivals, and at picnics. Surprisingly, Carbon County was relatively quiet. This quiet weekend was a blessing in disguise for me. Over the long weekend I was able to go home for the first time- to a new home! I went back across the state to help my parents move into our new house and visit with family. An important part of work is being able to balance work with your personal life and that is sometimes hard in a new position; especially one as demanding as a campaign.

In the same week, the office made plans to attend the Hillary Clinton rally as Joe Biden hit the campaign trail with her in Scranton. Although HRC not being my favorite presidential hopeful ever- she is certainly better than Trump and certainly making history. To our shock and dismay, the rally was postponed due to the deaths of several police officers the night before.

Despite the excitement of going home, the let down of the rally, and the tragedy in Dallas, office business continued on very regularly. We are really digging into fundraising at this point in the campaign. I won’t go into specifics, but the basic idea is for Neil to spend time making calls and getting money. Unfortunately this is one aspect of politics that is inescapable, even incumbents must fundraise. All in all, it was an interesting yet somehow quite average week on the campaign.


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