Week 7: An Unexpected Party

This week has been absolutely packed with fundraising, research, voter contact, and volunteer outreach. The whole office has been working long, hard hours to keep things moving forward. Along with all of this work, we had a very important fundraiser in Philadelphia and another event that was non-political, yet just as exciting.

The first event was an Education Picnic that Neil helped organized. The event was not at all related to his candidacy, but rather his passion for education. A whole bunch of different organizations that deal with kids were able to attend, making it one of the few events in the county this summer that is 100% focused on kids. Preschools, art and music programs, free clothing and books, and other kid-oriented things were available. There was even a dry ice demonstration and a crocodile(alligator?). The kids had an absolute blast and these different groups were able to get together in what might become a regular event.

The second event of the week was a fundraiser in Philadelphia at Marjorie Margolies house. Marjorie was a former member of the US House of Representatives, and interestingly enough is Chelsea Clinton’s mother-in-law. As if Ms. Margolies was not enough of an attraction, Valerie Biden co-hosted. Valerie Biden is not only Joe Biden’s sister and previous campaign manager, she is a very strong and inspiring woman. With the help of these two women, Neil was able to gather some people both old and new to talk with him as a candidate with his future in mind. As Ms. Biden introduced Neil, she even mentioned that he reminded her of another 29 year old- her brother, Vice President Biden.

It was very exciting for me to be able to meet such successful women and be a part of such a cool event. Although sometimes I feel exhausted by the money that politics requires, it was very rewarding to see such successful women stand behind Neil in support. After so much excitement it seemed odd to return to our little office, but at the end of the day, it really is the hours of work that makes the difference and makes events like that possible.IMG_9554.


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